FiNS Company specializes in helping other companies grow, leap their competition and deliver extraordinary results.

We deliver.  We look up and downstream to identify real results and the steps, processes and changes needed to make them work.  This comes from being a blend of consultants and operators.

We act and deliver based on deep customer and operational understanding so you can execute.

We have found that there are two philosophies our clients use when looking for help, whether it is temporary horsepower or independent assessments.  The first look for generalists who can apply a multitude of experiences across businesses and apply it to their situation.  This provides outside thinking to unique situations.  The second look for deep expertise to ensure risk free results. We provide the later in consumer technology businesses but do enjoy the former in applying our experience in delivering results to both B2B and B2C businesses.

Helping customers see the value in products and services and then developing a repeatable, sustainable cost effective superior solution is extremely rewarding for us and financially rewarding for our clients and is always our goal.

FiNS Company also executes on its own businesses. This helps us make sure we keep our skills sharp and re-enforces our appreciation for every dollar invested. Recent businesses include:
– Brightstar Care – a skilled nursing business

About FiNS Company

FiNS Company was founded by Fred Stefany, former McKinsey Consultant (the theory) and former President of Time Warner Cable for Southern California (P/L owner where rubber meets the road).

Fred brings over 20 years of management expertise from companies such as Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, McKinsey and several smaller companies backed by Sequoia Captial, Hummer Winblad and Redpoint Ventures. Having started and funded his own businesses, Fred understands treating every dollar and customer interaction as gold.

FiNS Company has a deep understanding and passion for consumers, their behavior and how to develop and execute offers, programs and processes to exceed their expectations in an economical manner, which in turn will drive your results.

Notable Engagements since 2010:

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Green Tech Expertise

Examples of services we have consulted on and have provided:

    • Designed and Built both the solar offering and operations for the second largest home builder
    • Created an affordable home automation service offering for new home owners. This not included product, pricing, sales and training, and care.
    • Built a activation and support operation for home automation
    • Built and managed solar net metering and rebate organizations
    • Designed water conservation offering and value proposition

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Growth Services

Operational Improvements


We have run businesses of different sizes with different constraints.   We don’t want to run yours but we want you to win and that’s how we get rewarded.  Knowing we are consultants, we also make it a priority to educate your staff so that they can both implement and continue to improve the operations after we leave.

We specialize in very quick evaluations that take advantage of McKinsey’s hypothesis driven problem solving approach.   We then translate the approach into the strategy and shortly thereafter into tactical actions with a discrete work plan.  This work does not boil the ocean and 90% of the work is on improving operations with real cookbook steps to be implemented.  We can stay and help implement or not, that is your choice.  Many clients ask for help with organizational advice to ensure the changed operation is staffed properly.  Our independent assessments complement internal assessments and ease any needed transitions.

Some of the examples of past work include:

  • Cost reduction for telecom switch company.

    Analyzed the complete business for a global European telecom equipment company. Assessed risk of reduction and implemented a plan to reduce costs 20%.

  • Operational Implementation at Comcast Online.

    Designed and built the installation and care organizations. Created operational manuals, processes and procedures. Created and implemented new inventory policies that resulted in significant cost savings.

  • Creating operations for a personalized news service.

    Built marketing, product management and 100 person news organization. Created processing steps for the ingestion and creation of over 500 news stories a day under tight deadlines.  Implemented a customized video new service that served over 50 TV stations. Trained both TV station news personnel and IT staffs on processing online news.

Merger & Acquisition Services

If you are involved in a company that needs a little help to get to that next level,please contact us to hear how we can help.

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